Our background

We have solid business understanding from a wide range of international industries
combined with in-depth knowledge in the felds of organisational psychology, 
anthropology, sociology and communication.

Each of us has over fifteen years of professional experience in such areas as line 
management, strategic and organisational development, leadership development and
coaching. We founded Action Lab® Ltd. because we are committed to offering business
driven action learning.

We firmly believe that superior development is best situated in a relevant, actual business 
context. Since 2003, Action Lab® has been shown to accelerate individual and group 
learning while at the same time advancing innovative and useful business solutions.

We dare to call ourselves experienced since we, in the period of 2003 – 2013, have
conducted more than 50 Action Labs – including 1000 participants in 140 teams and
representing 50 nationalities.


Senior Partners

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Founder & Special Advisor



Associated Partners

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