This is what participants and executive managers have said about the Action Labs.


Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, Executive Vice President, Novo Nordisk & Inge Borgen-Schmidt, Vice President, EVP HR Business Partner:
”Our Action Lab Greenhouse is an excellent concept. It is intensive action learning in which real business challenges as well as team and individual learnings are combined into an intensive 5-days frame with follow-up feedback.

As key stakeholders we find the Action Lab Greenhouse very rewarding and know that it is highly appreciated by participants, in general they rate the outcome more than 4.5 on a scale from 1-5.

We have engaged with Action Lab A/S annually since 2004 in conducting the concept.”


Andrea Gudis, Operations Manager, A.P. Møller-Mærsk, South Africa
"The action learning flow was a very rewarding three days. I enjoyed the experience of working with people from different backgrounds, both culturally and professionally, to complete a challenging team project.  Being away from normal day-to-day distractions, we were all 100% focused and dedicated to one goal and this created a very positive, motivating and energized environment.
I found the facilitated feed-back sessions and team-optimizations to be very constructive, and they provided me with some good tools to evaluate both individual and team performance.   Personally, the detailed feedback received from my team members gave me a refreshing perspective on my own leadership and team skills.   Today, I still reflect on the action learning experience when working with or leading a team in the workplace, and I believe that in general, I am more self-aware of my strengths and weaknesses in a group setting.  Overall, I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in such a stimulating and rewarding exercise!!”


Eddie Taylor, Regional Manager, Project Management Department, NNE Pharmaplan, Clayton, NC, USA
“My experience with the Greenhouse program (Greenhouse is NNE’s internal designation for Action Lab) was truly amazing.

My team consisted of seven individuals representing six countries. In the span of one week we came together in a way I had never experienced before in my twenty year career. Upon leaving the program I was actually sorry to leave my team members behind. We were very appreciative that the executive management team took so much time out of their schedules to interact with us.

We gained a company perspective that most individuals within the organization do not have the opportunity to experience, and for that we were very humbled.

The feedback session at the end of the week was intense, but very rewarding. Often times in business we do not get project feedback in such an open and honest environment.

Overall, the program proved that when individuals agree and focus on a common purpose, anything is possible. I will never forget my experience at the Greenhouse program.”

Anders Gersel Pedersen, Senior Vice President, Development, Lundbeck, Denmark
“Employees in our Development area are experts, who are motivated by specific tasks in which they feel they can make a contribution. Bringing some of these employees together in an Action Lab® programme forced them to think out of the box in relation to their own expert knowledge and tested their team-working skills across the organisation.

Working as a team is an important part of the programme.

By offering this talent development programme to our employees, we demonstrated to them that we care about their development. As a company we provide a set of tools, but they must take responsibility for their own development as individuals.

The external consultant applied his expertise to help the participants adjust their wishes and expectations to suit the needs of the business.”


Vice President, Finance, Legal and IT, Novo Nordisk a/s
Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the Greenhouse Action Lab Programme. It exceeded all my expectations and I considered it a very valuable exercise.

The organization and facilitation was outstanding, the setting and learning opportunities likewise, and the networking opportunities unrivalled. Being in a team of other Novo Nordisk managers working on a shared task was a one-of-a-kind training experience.
The feedback from Action Lab a/s was highly relevant, insightful and applicable. Together, this provided real insight into my personal strengths and challenges, giving direction to my future, professional trajectory. I think that the programme is a unique offer from Novo Nordisk to employees.

I have come away from the Greenhouse Action Lab Programme smarter and more focused than from any other educational/development programme I have ever been part of – including my MBA and courses at renowned learning institutes.

MaoXia Wang, Administration & Quality Director, Novozymes Biotechnology Ltd, China
“It was really an exciting and different experience to participate in the Action Lab. Our team consisted of 7 individuals representing different functions. We worked on a real-life challenging task and worked very intensively for a week.

This gave us a really great opportunity to accelerate business understanding, take the helicopter view and different point of views of colleagues for the topics given. We have learned taking total new task very different from our daily routines and talked to all stakeholders and analyze their point of views. These are very relevant for future development.

We have had the reflections during and after the lab. We have also learned giving and receiving the feedback and taken these as receiving and giving gifts to our team members. The working relationship and network we established during that week are continuing. We feel much closer even after the lab when we call or meet each other for different issues.

We were also very appreciative of the China management Team taking their time out of their schedules to interact with us during that week and after. We got their very valuable feedback and comments at the final presentation. As follow up section we also got very good individual feedback from the coaches. I took all feedback as very important inputs for my personal development. What I have gained can continue working for me for now and future.

By working on the real and challenging task and by working so intensively, we really believe we have learned how to handle more complicated and challenging task as a cross functional team. These experiences are different from normal training courses.”