Ideally, organisations need to learn to move even faster than the speed of change. In such a setting “learning how to think rather than teaching facts” becomes increasingly important.

We focus on real challenges that are of high priority and strategic importance to the business. Through Action Lab®, we deliver a comprehensive, tested and structured package in which we:

  • engage with the management team to evaluate critical success factors before the Action Lab® and obtain a commitment to provide substantial follow up and feedback after the Action Lab®.
  • clarify our code of conduct in order to safeguard confidentiality as well as our external perspective on the organisation and on the individual.
  • ensure a solid link between individual, group and business development throughout the entire process.
  • provide a framework for how to initiate teamwork in order to create a solid basis for effective cooperation during the Action Lab®.
  • allow adequate time for participants to address the business challenges and take possession of what is learned through a series of facilitated team sessions and silent events.
  • act as process coaches and involve topic coaches in order to catalyse innovative and creative processes for the duration of the programme.
  • insist that participants take full responsibility for their own Action Lab® outcomes.
  • maintain an integrated focus on the task and the process.

This Action Lab® approach has proven successful at improving the business development dimension concurrently with the individual assessment and personal development aspects.