What characterises us?

Action Labs® are delivered by a strong group of experienced professionals, who are all impassioned and dedicated to maximize individual and organisational learning.

Senior Partners:

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Dorte Sandager, Managing Partner

Masters degree in Organisational Communication and Masters degree in the Psychology of Organisations. Has many years of experience with leadership development as well as facilitation of large scale organisational processes. Dorte was a senior manager at Accenture for over eleven years heading projects that focused on human performance within a wide range of organisations. She has been an external lecturer and external examiner at Roskilde University for many years within the fields of Organisational Psychology and Communication.

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Kirsten Bragh 

Masters degree in the Psychology of Organisations and a Masters of Science from the Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University in Copenhagen. Has many years of experience with line management, training, change processes, group development and coaching. Kirsten spent twelve years at Nestlé in such positions as Nordic QA manager, Factory Manager, Nordic HR Director and as Nordic HR Development Manager with overall responsibility for leadership- and group development. For a number years she has worked as an external consultant.

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Lotte Svalgaard

Holds a Phd and a MSc in business psychology. Leadership consultant at INSEAD and Postdoc at MPO (Master in the Psychology of Organizations) at Roskilde University. Member of the advisory editorial board for ’Action Learning: Research and Practice’. Has extensive experience within group dynamics, leadership development and organisational consultancy. Lotte has a background as an external leadership consultant within international consultancy, as well as a strategic leadership development consultant in corporate life (within the financial sector). She has been an external lecturer and examiner at MPO for a number of years.

Founder and special advisor:

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Geert Egger

Masters of Science in Social Anthropology and PhD in Education and Psychology. Has many years of experience with action learning and organisational development. From 2003-2017 Geert was the managing partner for Action Lab. After retirering he now holds the role as special advisor for Action Lab.