We are operating with two types of of Action Lab®:

The duration and depth in which a business challenge can be explored of course varies according to the programme selected, but the frame of an Action Lab® is based on a common outline: 

A team normally consists of six to eight participants. Each team is given a high priority business challenge defined by top management; and the results are evaluated by top management at the end of the Action Lab®. Each participant has an individual follow up meeting with the coaches, where feedback and learning points are reviewed and linked with the individual’s development plan.

Which programme is relevant?
Our experience shows that each programme has a value of its own depending upon the client’s purpose. Which exact or tailor-made model is most suitable for your company depends on specific needs, expectations, and current situation as well as company practicalities.

The Action Lab® concept has been well-tested over the past ten years with more than 1500 participants from across the globe. Still, we realise that not every context will fit into pre-fabricated models. Therefore, we expect a detailed discussion with client companies regarding the purpose, prerequisites and practicalities before we make a contract. We have had positive experiences with making certain elements of the programme according to the specifications of the client.